Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Brothers' Bedroom Refresh

Since the last time I posted, we found out we have a new addition coming to our family.  Baby boy #3 is arriving this upcoming Wednesday 4 weeks early due to a high risk pregnancy.  We are excited to meet our new addition!

A new baby always means reorganizing your house in some way.  My oldest son, Ronan, has wanted to repaint his room since he was 3.  Before he was born, a friend of mine and I, painted a mural of a tree on his wall.  Ronan wanted a Star Wars room, but he didn't want to loose his tree.  So I painted the room blue around the tree and added Star Wars touches. On the left is the tree before the blue paint and right is after the paint.  Ronan loved the color. Because of the tree, we call it Endor. :)

For the next room update, I needed to find a way to store all of our children's books without the bookshelf so we had more room for a crib in the spare bedroom.  My hubby bought some pine boards to make wall book shelves.  After looking at a lot of pictures, Kara's Korner book shelves were the ones I really wanted.  We cut the boards the lengths we needed, and painted them a very dark blue.  They turned out awesome!  We ended up adding two sets in the boys' bedroom.  The black bean bag in the picture of the left is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Instead of buying the foam filling, we filled it with all the stuffed animals to keep them contained.  Now they have a reading nook.

For the Star Wars elements, I had my brother design some wall vinyl decals.  Check out Monarch Promotional Designs for all they can do. The Death Star, Millennium Falcon, and fighters turned out awesome.  My 6 and 2 year old think the room is very cool.  I also found a nice quilt bedding set from Target for the bunk bed.  As a finishing touch, I wanted to add a solar system.  In my search, I found new mini sets of Legos that include Star Wars planets that can hang from the ceiling.  I can't wait until my 6 week bed rest is over so I can add the last touches!