Friday, April 26, 2013

Zaycon Foods: Beef franks, polish kielbasa sausage & more!

Have you tried Zaycon Foods yet?  They deliver meats, produce, and now milk to different locations all over the United States.  You pre-order the food and pick it up on the day and location you selected.

My family has ordered beef, chicken, bacon, and sausage links from them, and all have been excellent.  We will definitely continue to use them, and the prices are quite good.  It is also nice to have meat waiting in the freezer.

Currently, they are offering beef franks, polish kielbasa sausage, bacon wrapped pork fillets, and pork loin ribs.  To sign up, go to Zaycon and fill out your information to create an account.  You will then be able to order for the current event and will be notified by email of other events.

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